Vin Hook: In a business that's hard to get rid of

In the wake of the trivial effects of the Covid-19 epidemic, Vinhook PPC holds regular business meetings on Friday afternoons, listens, removes obstacles and prepares to invest in Vinh Phuc, especially for companies.

Vin Phuc Dong Han Company
Le Duy Tan vice president of PPC dialogue with companies in the Tanlong Industrial Zone.

Recently, Le Duy Tan, vice president of Bin Hing PPC, has been in direct dialogue with companies and investors in the Tanlong Industrial Area in the Bin hweng district.

According to a report by Vinhook State's Industrial Zone Management, Covid-19 disease has led many companies in the state to experience difficulties, but most companies that invest in the Tan Rong Binh Hook Industrial Park at the start of the operation or are running tests should be ahead of their impact, the Impact of the Covid-19 epidemic was not much.Most companies and investors are working very carefully.

Vin Phuc Dong Han Company
Business activities are maintained.

In this dialogue, representatives of companies and investors have raised a number of questions about covid-19 disease prevention, and the solution will be rolled out by the state in the future.Exemption of VAT and import duties to companies relating to the import and export of equipment and materials.Inspection of camera systems, fence walls, systems in factories in accordance with Statute 82.Maximum time to store garbage in the enterprise.Electronic Social Security Insurance Declaration.

At the same time, Vinh Phuc considered epe, given the specific conditions under which the company would apply as a manufacturing company.Flexible separation for corporate leaders and workers from local foreign countries has a negative test.The effects of covid-19 diseases are creating more difficulties in supporting companies, especially in the age of production and business.

Answering business questions of interest directly, Mr. Tan said: Vin Hook has significantly directed and achieved the first step in preventing the epidemic Covid-19.To date, all cases of Covid-19 in the state have been treated.Cases of suspected medical isolation are timely and the state is determined not to cause new infections.But the course of the epidemic is complex, and next time, Vin Hook will continue to maneuver hard to prevent disease, resolutely limiting the maximum number of situations that occur.In addition, the state also always promotes a company with peers, difficulties.

In particular, PPC has issued a number of documents directing departments and departments to understand the production and business activities of companies inside and outside the industrial zone in order to have solutions that solve the difficulties of companies, especially the difficulties of importing and exporting raw materials and solving problems.Supplies, equipment and machinery for production and labor resources.In addition, the state has posted government proposals to help low-interest loans, expansioners, delays and tax exemptions.for some cases.Upon receipt of written consent, the state will deploy as soon as possible to facilitate business within the site.

With the flexible proposal of isolating foreigners in the state, the company said this was the work needed to ensure the safety of business workers as well as the people of Vinhook.

Answering questions about the conditions under which companies apply is export processing enterprise EPE, said Le Duy Thanh, the state industrial park's trustees, last time implemented licenses under strict vietnamese law provisions under corporate registration.He also argued that, as a rule, all processing companies -EPE do not have to pay VAT and import duties.Industrial Park Customs Management Committee Vinh Phuc reviewed all businesses, tax taxes, the synthesis of difficulties, the synthesis of concerns, the Proposed People's Committee, the Commission to Examine and Resolve Early and propose ministries and related sectors.

For some questions in the field of customs and environmental resources, Vin Phuc, vice-chairman of the Local People's Commission, asked the relevant agencies to answer written instructions for sending to the business.With government-level access, companies create favorable conditions to invest, produce and contribute to attract investment in Vinhook.

In the first quarter of 2020, The Tan Rong Binh Hook Industrial Estate collected one project with a total investment of more than US$5.8 million.So far, the industry has collected 10 projects with a total investment of USD 239.9 million.The land is leased by secondary investors and registered by the 36.03 hectare investment registration authority.In addition, one Japanese investor is proposing to receive an investment certificate of USD 11 million in total investment.

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