The bidding law policy for selecting new investors will be in effect from January 4, 2020.

Incentives in investor choice to implement PPP projects

20/25/2020/2020/25/2020/ND-CP Issued by GOVERNMENT RULES/ND-CP On February 4, 2020

The statute details the implementation of several bidding laws on the selection of investors in the project, including investment projects in the form of public-private partnerships (PPP) in accordance with the PPP Investment Act.An investment project that uses land for commercial housing construction.Commercial and service work; multi-purpose construction, multi-purpose complexfor business purposes; this project is not based on the above provisions and must be tendered in accordance with the professional laws and laws relating to socialization.

In it, the statute defines incentives in the selection of investors to implement PPP projects.

Edit the rules of attraction and excellence of scientists

Effective from 15/04/2020, Statute No. 27/2020/ND-CP issued on October 3, 2020, 2014/ND-CP No. 40/2014/ND-CP, in addition to Article 6 of the Scientific Title, higher technical titles do not pass promotions and do not rely on five tasks.

Therefore, a person with the title of science has a scientific activity, the rank of the technical title of the public career unit meets the standards of the top officials who are considered to be appointed specifically to the title of science, the higher technical title rank, during the title title title of the review time, if not dependent on the year of the work, does not pass promotion promotion, promotion, One of the following conditions:

In accordance with the Ministry of Science, it was awarded the International Award, an prestigious national award for science.

B-to maintains the mission of the Ministry of Business, local and higher levels of applications to host or carry out special scientific duties or special important national research missions collected at a higher level, or to bring high efficiency in socio-economic performance.

He has acquired C-D. and has made remarkable achievements in science activities.

He received a doctorate in science or was appointed associate professor.

DD was appointed to the title of professor.

Violation of labor contract enforcement rules will be fined VND 150 million

Statute 28/2020/ND-CP was issued on 2020/2020/01/3 of the government, which regulates sanctioned administrative violations in the fields of labor and social insurance and restricts Vietnamese workers to work abroad under a contract that goes into effect from November 4, 2020.

Therefore, a fine of 1 million to 3 million for employers with temporary action does not notify the employee before 03 business days, or the gender of the worker, who does not notify the employee before 03 business days or the disposition of a job that is not appropriate for temporary or health benefits.50-75 million fines for employers with forced labor and abuse of workers who have not yet reached the level of criminal liability.

Statute stated: The above fines are penalties for individuals.The amount of fines imposed on the organization is twice as much as the fine for individuals.