Yamaha Motor Vietnam Plant

  • -Customer: Yamaha Motor Vietnam Co., Ltd.
  • Venue: Trunha, Soxon, Hanoi
  • – Work area: Contractors for the construction and construction of electrical machinery
  • -Duration: 27/07/2017 to 10/02/2018
  • – Website: https://yamaha-motor.com.vn/

Yamaha Motor Vietnam is a joint venture in Vietnam, Japan, and Malaysia specializing in the manufacture and assembly of motorcycles of the famous Yamaha brand.The company established production in Vietnam from 1998 and entered production.

Valued as one of the major joint ventures in the field of motorcycle manufacturing and assembly in Vietnam, Yamaha Motor Vietnam always places the importance of enforcing corporate social responsibility in parallel with its business goals.For more than 17 years in Vietnam, Yamaha Motor Vietnam has been promoting a 10-year community program.Since 1999, the scale has started with 33 stores, and after more than 17 years of continuous growth, Yamaha Motor Vietnam's dealer system has reached more than 300 distributors and stores.

HN] Yamaha Motor Vietnam Marketing Staff Organization Recruitment.

Not only the image of the dealer, the shop, and the showroom, but also the standard system changes every year.Yamaha Motor Vietnam will become an active member of Vietnam with the motto of "market and customer orientation", and will contribute quickly to the development of Vietnamese industry in the field of motorcycle manufacturing.