Mektek Hang yen Factory

  • -Customer: Mectech Manufacturing Vietnam Co., Ltd.
  • – Location: Plot K3 Land, K4 Tang Long II Industrial Park, Hang Circle
  • -Work range: Installation of ventilation air conditioning system
  • -Implementation time: From January 1, 2017 to the present
  • – Website:

Mectech Vietnam belongs to NOK and Japan and Vietnam are the tenth countries in the world that this group has chosen to invest in.The 100% foreign investment project has created a mark of FDI's investment appeal in Yen, which hangs over the years.

The Total Investment Capital of the Mektech Vietnam Plant is 100 million (equivalent to approximately 1.25 billion VND), with a total area of more than 102,000 m2.Mectech Vietnam manufactures flexible, lightweight, bendful copies used in handheld devices such as mobile phones, tablets and electronic devices.

Nobutaka Watzu, Director-General of Mectech Manufacturing Vietnam Co., Ltd., said, "Our main goal is to produce high-quality products that contribute to the Group and to focus on Vietnam's economic development through exports."

Mektech Vietnam in Hun Yen province is the third plant of the NOK Group that Japan has invested in Vietnam after two plants built in Tokai and Kaibe provinces.The plant will contribute to the promotion of economic development in Hun Yen Province.