Meiko Electronics Vietnam Plant


  • -Customer: Meiko Electronics Vietnam Co., Ltd.
  • Location: Lot CN9, THACH Its QUOC Dread Industrial Park, Tachi Zatchi, Hanoi
  • – Work range: General contractor for the construction and construction of electrical machinery
  • -Execution time: From 2013 to the present
  • – Website:

In 1975, a company specializing in the manufacture of electronic printed circuit boards (PCBs) was established in Kanagawa Prefecture, and after more than 30 years of development, it became one of the world's leading companies in the manufacture of electronic printed circuits and the assembly of electronic components.We currently have four plants in Japan, two in China, one in Vietnam (Hanoi), many research centers, and representative offices around the world.

On October 20, 2006, in Tokyo, in front of prime minister Nguyen Tan Zun and a government official, The Meiko Group signed an investment agreement to build an electronics plant in Hatay Province (formerly) for a total of USD 300 million.


Signing ceremony of investment agreement in Tokyo under the witness of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Zun

On December 14, 2006, Meiko Electronics Vietnam Co., Ltd. will be officially awarded a certificate of investment to Tachi – Kuokkul Industrial Zone, Taha district, Hanoi.The main areas of operation include the design, manufacture and manufacture of electronic printed circuit boards (PCBs).The parts are assembled into the PCB and the complete electronic product (EMS) is assembled.

Nako Vietnam has started construction of the plant, hired engineers, and dispatched it at the group's factories in Guangzhou, China, which is a Japanese factory.Overcoming the global economic crisis, the first electronic component assembly plant (EMS) was completed and operational at the end of 2008.The PCB circuit plant, which is 200m long, 100m wide and three layers of solid concrete, is scheduled to be completed and operational in October 2010 to celebrate the 1000th anniversary event in Thanlon.

The total area is 170,000 m2 (17 HEC-TA), complete with electronic printed circuit (PCB) factories, parts assembly plants (EMS), and CBCNV dormitory areas, and approximately 7.000 employees and estimated revenue swells to $1.7 billion per year.

Akiko Electronics Vietnam is the largest FDI project in 2006, a 100% foreign investment company specializing in the manufacture, design, manufacture of electronic printed circuit boards (PCBs), assembly of electronic components on circuit boards, and assembly of complete electronic products (EMS).Meiko Electronics Vietnam Co., Ltd. has built a modern factory with up to 300 million investments in its industrial zone, Quoc Dread (Hanoi).

The Meiko electronics plant in Vietnam was one of the contractorelectrical machinery systems.