Manitai Nguyen Factory

  • -Customer: Takasago Vietnam Co., Ltd.
  • Location: Diem Tam Industrial Zone, Phu Binh District, Tai Nguyen
  • -Work range: air conditioning system, chiller piping system
  • -Implementation time: From June 6, 2016 to the present
  • – Website:

Along with Mani Yangon in Mani Yangon, Mani Minfa is an overseas subsidiary of Mani Japan, which has a long-standing name in the manufacture of medical devices.Mani Mainfa set up a factory in Nguyen Province, Thailand.Mani MEINFA specializes in the manufacture of medical devices for dentistry and surgery that can be next to needles, clamps, surgical knives, knives and dental microscopes.Thanks to its high technology, Mani MEINFA products are guaranteed of high quality and high reliability. The company currently creates 2,500 jobs.Currently, the company is implementing a mani factory expansion project in the diem in an industrial area.