Koninco Tower Office Building

  • -Customer: Yamaha Motor Vietnam Co., Ltd.
  • Location: 4 Ton That Tung Street, Torun-en-Ward, Dongda District, Hanoi
  • -Work range: Electrical machinery supplier
  • – Duration: 2019
  • – Website: https://www.coninco.com.vn

Koninco Tower is a project of the Koninco office in Ton, Dongda and Hanoi in 4 tons.The project was built on a land area of 1814 m2, with a total construction area of 1.076 m2 and a construction floor of 26.072, and 1m2 includes 19th floor +01 Technical Tum+03 underground and 01 underground mezzanine. 

The Koninco Tower is one of the most representative works using Vietnam's energy efficiency.The work is designed to show the idea of a desire to rise, continuous development, which rises through the overall block of construction, with large glass blocks, stands with horizontal and vertical partitions, and vietnam and modern international traditional style green spaces.Casing construction technology is insulated and combined with low E glass, Vietnam and environmentally friendly manufacturing materials, VRV air conditioning high COP factor, central heat recovery system, energy saving LED light and low lighting density, use of soundproof glass material, strong contrast surface, sustainable insulation, aluminum frame imported from Germany, wall block XMCL anti-heat, Fiberglass reinforced concrete concrete 3D GRC technology combines German BTCT wall. 

To share the construction work of the CONINCO Tower, contractor representatives have introduced new technologies and articulated difficulties and issues in moving on to work.However, with the help of coninco's board of directors, PMU consultant team CONINCO experience and professional work style always support to create all conditions for completing the good execution and set progress of the construction unit of work items.

Representatives of contractors sent thanks to CONINCO's leadership and coninco, having a position as one of Vietnam's leading consulting firms after the work was used to the PMU, CONINCO advisory team, advised many of the country's major jobs and expressed a desire for the product of a contractor that Concinco widely promotes.