TTO-Patient COVID-19 262 is a Samsung employee who has been isolated from home from 7-4.Functional authorities will block the work area and isolate some people involved in the disease.

COVID-19 infection at Samsung: Blockade 1 Workshop - Photo 1.

Samsung workers work factory – Photo: Samsung

Confirmed at a young age, Samsung Representative Vietnam said the patient COVID-19 262 is a staff member of the quality inspection department of Samsung Display Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Therefore, from the day of 7-4, employees did not work and were accepted quarantine at home.Bac Nin state authorities have identified people with F1 and F2 to isolate isolation while strictly enforcing the Department of Translation regulations.

The leader of Bacnin also confirmed youth online to this point, and the state has blocked the entire work area related to the prescribed 262 infections and the isolation of related persons.

The BAC Nin People's Committee is meeting the tables to provide an urgent solution to successfully compile, translate and control cases related to this disease.State leaders said they would release a press release soon on this.

A youth online source says there was a blockade one workshop where workers worked and isolated 40 people in F1.It is also believed to scrutinize the dining area and the people who eat with the patient.

The Department of Health has dispatched Mrs. Nguyen Lien Huong of the Department of Health and Environment Management as head of Bac Nin's support for the prevention of outbreaks related to Samsung infections.

At 13-4 in the early morning, the Ministry of Health said there were two new COVID-19 patients living in Haan, Meerin and Hanoi.So far there have been 10 patients from this epidemic, and the country has 262 patients.

Two new diseases that have been announced to not be notable are 262 patients of male, 26-year-old and Vietnamese nationality staying at Xom Cho, ha-a, me lin, hanoi, samsung company and BAC Nin.At 27-3, he was in close contact with his uncle, Patient 254.At 31-3, he saw a dry cough, a fever.

He was sampled in tests 11-4 and 12-4 for positive results with sars-CoV-2 virus.Currently, the patient is isolated and treated in central tropical disease hospital 2.

Samsung BAC Nin is one of Vietnam's largest smartphone manufacturing plants with a $1 billion investment and creates tens of thousands of jobs.

On this business announcement page, the COVID-19 claims to play an important role in caring for its employees, supporting customers, and supporting the community in a global epidemic.Therefore, Samsung has provided or established a global regional response group to provide resources to employees and update the latest guidelines from functional health organizations.

"We made our business trip stricter, we only prioritized the journeys we really needed, and encouraged our staff to work from home if possible.It also closed several facilities and stores to support social contact restrictions as needed.

COVID-19 anti-epidemic measures deployed by Samsung as needed to ensure employees check their health, check the temperature before entering, and perform regular community hygiene.