A series of works paused for Covid-19 prevention

Over the next two weeks, many construction across the country will stop construction to ensure the safety of the Covid-19 complex.Progress is needed in this context and contractors are thoroughly prepared to comply with this rule.

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On January 4, 2020, the construction sector in Anzan province urgently notified the state of the suspension of construction work.  Therefore, to ensure safety in the prevention of Operation Covid-19, the Ministry of Construction requires the suspension of all construction work (excluding capital sources) until the end of 15/4/2020, except under special circumstances approved by the PPC.Departments of district, town and city committees will strengthen the propaganda of organizations and individuals engaged in construction activities that the Prime Minister, who is chairman of the PPC, strictly demonstrates.At the same time, we will work with the relevant units to inspect and supervise the above construction interruptions.

Also at HCMC.Besides the steering, Da Nang will stop all construction work in the district, HCM City Construction Ministry.Da Nang recommends investors and the Construction Project Management Committee is responsible for the full implementation of prevention and disease Covid-19 in construction work under the guidance of the Ministry of Health.

Previously, from May 2, 2020, the Hanoi Construction Authority issued a text on the prevention of Covid-19 at the city's site.Therefore, investors who are construction contractors in Hanoi must declare to the list of jurisdictions for workers working on the site, especially workers in the translation zone.In addition to strict regulations on the order of construction, the department of environmental health assurance, occupational safety in work, districts, districts, towns, investors, and government proposals for construction contractors will notify officers and workers working on trendy construction sites, preventive measures.HCMC People's Committee Committee committee issued by the Directive 05/CT Committee.Hanoi Nguyen Duc Chung has requested that all construction work in the city be halted.

On the other hand, in TP.The HCM City Construction Authority issued a text to limit night shifts without special requirements and ease the progress of construction work.Ho.HCM requires a limit on the number of workers gathered at the work site, and up to 30 or fewer people in ca will be disinfection, carry ing sites, and restricting protective equipment (less than 2m).

According to the survey of the bid report, some major works of TP.HCM is still deployed with limited workers.Susave Nguyen Vietnam Medical Device Co., Ltd. implemented a joint company, including construction and installation equipment for the Third District Hospital, which expands the value of more than 217 billion VND through the construction CO. link.In this work, the contractor organizes the body temperature measurement for workers at the start and end of each CA.

According to some contractors' share, many construction facilities for more than 10 non-intensive workers in the workspace, including meeting rooms, work floors, hoists, elevators, and other enclosed spaces.Contractors need to organize and reorganize their work shifts.At the same time, some work rules are added necessary for workers to ensure the safety of the translation season.

HCM City Construction Department HCM is entering a phase of strict control, ready to order to stop construction of work in the district under the direction of the City People's Commission."Contractors need to enhance the hygiene needs of mask wear, body temperature measurements, surface disinfection, machinery and equipment that come into direct contact with workers, and construction work after each shift.The supervisory consulting unit regularly checks and records in case of breach by contractors, hcm city construction director.HCM City Le Hoa Bin h argued.

Van Huen