Tai Nguyen: Increased the progress of the yen bin 2 industrial park project to the quarter of 2021

After a non-implementation period due to clearance, Thailand's Nguyen Province has recently become more aggressive in implementing peaceful industrial park project phase 2.

Signed an agreement on investment cooperation of golf courses in the Yen Bin 2 industrial zone.
Signed an agreement on investment cooperation of golf courses in the Yen Bin 2 industrial zone.

Prior to this, Nguyen PPC of Thailand approved a detailed plan for the Peace Industry Zone II Phase 1 in the region of 1.057.974 m2, with less pollution in the industrial zone development, electronic components industrial development assembly, and clean industry, with a decision on September 3, 2015.

However, in order to comply with the general conditions of development, the PPC decided to adjust the name of the detailed plan: peace industry zone phase 2 with scaled planned area with a planned area adjusted to 664.355 m2.

According to the plan, the project will be awarded an investment certificate from 2017 and the initial commitment will be completed in the third quarter of 2019, but to date the completion of clearance compensation is close to 25ha with a total area of 51ha.The area of uncompensated clearance of about 26,2ha is mainly farmland and land (16, 6ha of farmland, 9ha of land of 125 households), and more than 50% of those areas have not been declared, aggregated.

As yen binh investors reported: As of December 03, 2020, the total investment capital for the project was approximately $236 billion, the clearance compensation cost was 64 billion VND, and the cost of infrastructure construction was VND.

At a recent meeting to ensure the project was rolled out, Le Quan Thien, vice chairman of Thailand's Nguyen People's Committee, is committed to the land commitment to the part of agriculture on May 4, 2020 and part of the land in September 2020.There is a proposal to propose a solution for implementing the above contents, measures with PPC and departments.

Nguyen PPC Vice President of Thailand also asked the company Yen Binh to complete the infrastructure settlement profile of the resettlement area soon, a 15-day financial transaction evaluation document after the company Yen Bin finished the underlying record of the handover between the Yen Bin company and The Foyen town; and was urgently handed over to implement infrastructure investments. Propose a position to invest early to have a quick clearance solution on the ground.A dossier of land leases in the resources and environmental areas will be handed over to the ground and infrastructure advances will be delivered late after six months.

The vice chairman of Thailand's Nguyen People's Committee also provided the state's governing board to establish a PPC process in accordance with regulations to extend the progress of the Yen Bin industrial park phase 2 project to q1/2021.

Nguyen Thanh